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Glenn's Journal

Tune in, turn on, burn out.

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I am enjoying reading peoples WGT accounts on LJ today, even if I am a bit jealous! It has been 6 years since I last went, and unfortunately working in a school means I can't take time off for it (might be able to do most of it next time it falls during half term). Still, I guess I get 6 weeks off in the summer and will be at M'era Luna.

Anyway, whilst a considerable amount of you were gothing it up in Leipzig, I was being totally ungoth and took advantage of the sunny weather by going to Bournemouth for the day last Saturday. Had a nice walk along the beach and went to the Oceanarium, before coming across quite a cool alternative/hippyish pub that has a really good continental beer selection (though I had to stick to half a pint of Fruli as I was driving) and apparently has a post-punk night once a month. I am tempted to return to Bournemouth tomorrow night for the monthly goth night now I know it isn't that far away but I don't think I'll know anyone and Emily is in London this weekend. Incidently I'll also be in London on Saturday for French Simon's birthday.

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Possesion's Pete Scathe & Katy Cotton. It's been going a couple of years now - keep meaning to go but would need me not to have to come home from work in the afternoon first (not practical unless I go from work).

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