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I am enjoying reading peoples WGT accounts on LJ today, even if I am a bit jealous! It has been 6 years since I last went, and unfortunately working in a school means I can't take time off for it (might be able to do most of it next time it falls during half term). Still, I guess I get 6 weeks off in the summer and will be at M'era Luna.

Anyway, whilst a considerable amount of you were gothing it up in Leipzig, I was being totally ungoth and took advantage of the sunny weather by going to Bournemouth for the day last Saturday. Had a nice walk along the beach and went to the Oceanarium, before coming across quite a cool alternative/hippyish pub that has a really good continental beer selection (though I had to stick to half a pint of Fruli as I was driving) and apparently has a post-punk night once a month. I am tempted to return to Bournemouth tomorrow night for the monthly goth night now I know it isn't that far away but I don't think I'll know anyone and Emily is in London this weekend. Incidently I'll also be in London on Saturday for French Simon's birthday.

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Hi mate, bit off topic sorry, but I'm gonna be down your way (an obscure place called Nately Scures, which I'm told shouldn't be too far) for work for 2 days next week. I may be busy in the evening too in which so it may not happen, but in case I'm free is there a decent pub to go to (possibly with some real ale) in Basingstoke on a Tuesday night? And of course, should I go there, would you and Emily be available/up for a couple of drinks?

I've just had to check where Nately Scures is and it's a lot closer to Basingstoke than I thought. Anyway, pub wise, my local The Chineham Arms is pretty good for real ale. It is a Fullers pub and does pretty much the entire Fullers range of beer. Only thing is that it is in Chineham which is a couple of miles outside the town centre and pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

The Queen's Arms is supposed to be good for ales, and is really near the train station. Haven't been in there yet myself but would be willing to give it a chance. Sadly decent pubs in Basingstoke are generally hard to find!

I'd definitely be up for meeting up on Tuesday night if you can make it, and I'm sure Emily would too. I'll email you my mobile number

cheers mate, like I said I may not be able to go out but if I can I'll text you and it'll be great to have a couple of pints together

No problem mate. Have just texted you on the mobile number listed on your LJ, hope it is still valid.

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