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Black Rose Ball York
In an attempt to keep a written account of my more memorable activities here on LJ, I have decided to write about a trip to York a couple of weeks ago. The idea of going to a gothic masked ball has never previously appealed to me, but this one was different for a number of reasons. Firstly, my good friend Alex was organising it. Secondly, proceeds of the ball went a local charity and thirdly, it was held in the De Grey Rooms, which also used to be the venue of Afterlife, the first goth night I ever regularly attended as a student there in the late 90s. This was also a birthday present to Emily, who in return made me a really cool cast resin mask with horns that we randomly found in Dartmoor a few years ago.

On the Friday I caught the train straight from coming home from work and we made our connection at Kings Cross without any problem. Got to York at about 7.45 to be greeted by a long queue with no taxi in sight. Thought we could walk to the B and B in about 20 minutes, so did so. We had just enough time to change before heading to the pre-ball gig at the Fulford Arms. Got there just as Dyonisis started playing, a truly magnificent set. Noticed a lot of familiar faces from the M'era Luna trip, many of whom were wearing the latest festival tshirt. Spoke to Ade who said he already had over 40 people signed up for next year, looking good. Also spoke to the people I knew from York including my old uni friend Matt who I hadn't seen in at least 12 years. Saw Zed, Malcolm, Alis and Stella too and had good talks with them. Pretentious, Moi? were the headliners and also put on an enjoyable show though the delicious Nightmare beer on sale was taking its effect. Think we were amongst the last to leave at about 1am, though it was only a 10 minute stumble back to the B and B.

Slept in for a bit on Saturday but we did go to Cafe Concerto for lunch. Saw Paul Garside on the way, and also Sophie and her friend Heather who invited us to Museum Gardens after our lunch, where we enjoyed the surprisingly warm weather. Had a large dinner in the Mason's Arms where we were staying before heading back out for the ball. The venue looked as grand as I remembered from 15+ years ago. Also enjoyed music from all the djs that night, Alex, Vicky and Dave Exile. The mask was getting quite uncomfortable though Emily did a great job making it. Found that if I took it off for 5 minutes every hour it made wearing it more bearable. Quite enjoyed a couple of the special cocktails, there was a tasty orangey one called Hades' Revenge or something like that. There was also a tasty brownie stall. All in all, it was a great night.

We had to check out at 10.30, whilst early this meant we had longer to wander around York. Took our suitcase to left luggage near the station before having breakfast at The Hungry Artist. This was a new cafe that looks like an artists studio with opportunities to draw, painting on the walls and a nice collection of mismatched furniture. Definitely a place to return to. Saw Alex, Zed and Malcolm coming out of the beer shop. Zed and Malcolm were getting trains back home but Alex invited Emily and I to Sunday lunch at The Guy Fawkes Inn, an offer which we could not refuse. It was good to see Pip at the pub, she had been to the nearby Warhorns metal festival for the weekend. The pub itself was wonderfully dark and atmospheric. Emily and I had just enough time for a quick wander around the Minster before heading back to the station for our train.

It was a great weekend.

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I keep meaning to go back to York one day. Nice to know stuff is still happening there.

It was indeed a great weekend!

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