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Dream of being back in 1991
It is not often that I even remember my dreams, let alone record them. But I had such a vivid one last night, that seemed so real at the time.

I was in a bar/function room (not too dissimilar to Chalkwell Park Rooms in Southend if anyone on here knows it). The place was fairly busy, mainly with 18/19 year old alternative/indie types but there were a few goths and metallers around. One strange thing I did notice was a total absence of mobile phones. Given how everyone has them these days (apart from Mad Alex), this was the first sign that something was not quite right. There was a curly haired lad sat next to me who couldn't have been more than 15 wearing a tshirt of the band "The Wonder Stuff". Good taste, I thought but I was surprised anyone under the age of 20 knew who they were. It was at that point I managed to catch a glimpse of myself, I had shrunk to a younger version of myself and didn't look older than the age of 12!

It was at this point I realised that somehow I had gone back in time. I thought about mentioning that fact that I had seen The Wonder Stuff supporting the Levellers a few years ago but then realised that I would never be believed in my current body. I asked him "Aren't we too young to be in here?". "It'll be fine as long as we're quiet" was his response. He then offered me a packet of biscuits. I took this opportunity to look at the sell by date to find out which year I had landed in. I vividly remember seeing Dec 21 on the packet but it didn't show the year. I then caught a glimpse of newspaper lying nearby. My suspicions were true. I had indeed been transported back to my 12 year old body back in December 1991.

Rather than worry about how to return to the present, I had a blind optimism about things I could do in 1991 that I couldn't do in 2013. I could go and see Nirvana, I though to myself. Kurt Cobain is still alive. Then I thought about which other bands I could potentially see in their hey day not giving any thought to the practicalities of actually paying for the concerts or the fact that I would be underage for most of them. Then one of the older 18/19 year old guys got up and announced that they would be going to the local alternative club and invited everyone along. I jumped at the chance of seeing what music would be played at an alternative club in 1991. I also realised that I had my passport in my pocket. This would prove I'm 34 despite my looks. However, the date of birth was the same 15th Febrauary 1979, so all it proved was that I was 12. I was stuck. It was at that point I woke up.

The dream has got me nostalgic about what is was like being 12 years old. I probably started getting into non-mainstream music about then. It was quite assessable on chart programmes. I loved it when Iron Maiden took the number one spot from Cliff Richard, loved watching Carter USM rugby tackle Philip Schofield on the Smash hits poll winners party, I loved KLF teaming up with Extreme Noise Terror on the Brit awards, I loved Nirvana's first performance on TOTP with Kurt Cobain's low singing voice and the obvious miming instrumental theatrics. These must have all happened around 1991/92. I knew I would never be into Kylie, Jason or whoever else Pete Waterman would conjure up. The music would have to be more rebellious and louder. Not long after in 1992, I would hear the Sisters Of Mercy perform Temple of Love 1992 on top of the pops. It was number 3 in the charts at the time. I know many that would mock me for saying this, but that was the song that introduced me to the Sisters and ultimately goth in general. Not that I thought of it as goth at the time. Just some kind of alternative rock, the type of which I hadn't heard before. Think Eldritch would rather be described that way. :) First and Last and Always was the first album I ever got on CD format when I was 15 and remains one of my favourites to this day.

So yes, a vivid dream to bring back musical memories. I blame it on the late night cheese board. :)

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What a cool dream, and so precise!

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