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Hi, I'm still here. Anyone else around?

Anyway it has been a been a couple of months since my last update, during which time I took advantage of my extra day off for the Royal Wedding by having an extended weekend away in the Cotswolds. We stayed in a nice old pub near Cirencester which was full of character. We also went for day trips to Gloucester and Bath and walks along the Thames path and Cotswolds Way.

Ir has been fairly busy on the gig front too and I have seen Paradise Lost performing Draconian Times at the Forum, Enslaved and Negura Bunget at the Underworld, Alcest and Dornenreich also at the Underworld and My Dying Bride at the Islington Academy since I last posted. Highly enjoyed all those gigs but it's probably a bit late to do a proper review now :) In complete contrast to the gloomy metal stuff, I also went to see Basildon's finest comedy electro act Kunt and the Gang in High Wycombe last Sunday and laughed my way through the gig. He sure is a great entertainer!

Had this week off work and will be at Nambucca for Schattenspiel tomorrow night. Anyone fancy meeting up at Big Red beforehand?

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I still exist here :-)

Hiya, I'm still here. Listening to Alcest following your recommendation. Good stuff. I used to be better at describing music. :-)

I may be around for a quick drink at the Red if you're about, Sir! :)

Still lurking. Occasionally.

Still Here. Might go to Schattenspeil tomorrow - not sure yet (see how things go).

Ahaha Kunt and the gang!! I had the misfortune to see them a few weeks back when Catfight supported them (or rather, him...his gang seems to consist of a DAT tape and novelty wig - at least I *hope* it was a novelty wig and not his real hair!).

It was catchy though...couldn't get "use my arsehole as a..." out of my head for a few days afterwards :D

Still here, but I mostly lurk. I could post more, I just don't have a whole lot to say :-o

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