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Last week
Can't believe it has been nearly three months since my last update! I will probably write about my adventures on holiday in Devon in August at some point, along with other enjoyable events such as the Battle of Hastings re-enactment and the Blind Guardian gig at Shepherd's Bush Empire.

Anyway, last Thursday I went to the O Children gig in Reading with Emily. The venue was in the middle of an industrial estate about 10 minutes walk away from the train station and it was otherwise very quiet around that area. The gig was reasonably well attended though far from sold out, I spotted a few goths around who were presumably there for the main act. The support acts were of variable quality but worth standing through as O Children put on a really good show. Unfortunately there were sound problems during their opening song Ruins but once sound levels were right I really enjoyed their set. Good to see some use of smoke machines too, and the 6ft 8 singer had a great stage presence as well as voice. We bought their album and it is a very worthwhile listen, especially if you like the idea of a slightly more goth version of Editors. The video for Ruins can be found here.

Saturday night was the really big one for me though, as it was the second Mittelalter night at Zeitgeist and the first that I produced music for. It was well attended and the German mead and Wikingerblut (cherry mead) were very well received. They were selling the stuff in pints (I may have drunk a little too much, hic). Anyway, my set came on just before 11 though unfortunately there was a problems with one of the speakers, so the guitars were more audiable than the medieval instruments. I decided to go far a more metally mittelalter set which went into folk metal territory as other people took charge of the other genres throughout the evening.

Raue See - In Extremo
Der Arzt - Tanzwut
Werben - ASP
Junges Blut - Saltatio Mortis
Sieben - Subway to Sally
The Fragrance - Regicide
Slania's Song - Eluveitie
Saati - Waari - Turisas
Midsummer Night - Korpiklaani
Building A Ruin - Skyclad
Torstein's Kveidi - Tyr
Herr Mannelig - Haggard
Palastinalied - Unto Ashes
Dulcissima - Corvus Corax

Thanks to Ian for allowing me a chance to play some stuff. Anyway I stayed until the night closed at about 1.30 then got a taxi to Slimelight with Emily, Ant and Scott. The Security were tighter this time to the point where people were getting asked for ID on the door. It was also strange to see the cake room closed for a wedding reception! I saw all the tables in there looking very posh like a full breakfast would be served there the next day. Then there was issue with a bag thief and the police were called in to sort that problem out. Whilst an unusual sight in Slimelight, it was good to see the staff tackling this issue rather than turning a blind eye to it. The thief was taken off in the police car. As for the rest of the night, I enjoyed the music and heard a couple of O Children tracks while I was there. It was also good to see Martin for the first time in ages. I stayed until just before 6 and was pleased that it only took just over an hour to get home.

Now watching the highlights of the Korean GP as I didn't get up in time, even for the re-run, looks like an eventful race!

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Martin says it was good to see you and that you must sup of the beer soon :)

It was also strange to see the cake room closed for a wedding reception!

Frankly, nothing would surprise me at Slimelight. Is that room really called the cake room? Brilliant.

I've liked the O Children songs I've heard on myspace, so I'm looking forward to seeing them play live.

Thanks for coming and putting together a set. Heres to many more sets in the future and to us finding a new venue (venue was disapointed with sales and complaints from the house music fans).

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