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Well it has been over a month since I last updated this thing. During that time I have thoroughly enjoyed the mittelalter night that erming organised, the Resurence goth night in Portsmouth and a day out in Oxford.

I have also been to a couple more gigs. The first one was the Gotham one day festival that I seem to go to every year (apart from last year). This year the main attraction for me on the line up were The Eden House and once again they put on a great show, though it was a shame they weren't on for longer. I also went to the Infernal Damnation metal all dayer which I've always seemed to miss in previous years which had 8 bands for the price of about £16. The main one for me were the Romanian ambient black metal band Negura Bunget who somehow managed to fit their collection of percussion and medieval instruments on the small underworld stage. The show was suitably atmospheric for the event and they were the highlight of the evening for me though I also enjoyed Fen and De Profundis.

As for this weekend, I think I'm off to Slimelight on Saturday for the last UK Voices of Masada gig. Maybe see some of you there.

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Will see you Saturday ~ emily coming too? :-)

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